Speakers and Events for 2023

What is coming in 2023 at St Augustine’s Hall

Please keep chatting during the speaker’s talk to a minimum and if you can’t hear please let the speaker know so they can speak up or get closer – thanks.

6th September – Trip to Porters

  Afternoon Tea at Porters  – Wednesday 6th Sept 2pm – 4pm  

  Porters is a 15th Century house near the Queensway.  
It has been a Civic House and Mayor’s Parlour since 1935  
Porters Civic House and Mayor’s Parlour
Southchurch Road Southend-on-Sea Essex SS1 2NE  
Free to get in –  £2 for our own refreshments  

Sept 14th – Alison Cowell a Holistic Nutritionist giving advice on body and food. There will be a £2 charge for this talk and you will be invited to bring guests as this is a very good and helpful talk.

  Alison Cowell Holistic Nutritionist  

Alison Cowell Holistic Nutritionist. 
Giving advice on body and food.  
£2 charge (instead of the usual £1)
friends can be invited for £5 which includes the talk and refreshments.  

Learn how to identify and address early signs of imbalanced health Every day, our body gives us clear signs and signals if we are not providing it with all the nutrients it needs, but quite often we pay no attention or don’t appreciate the significance. No, you shouldn’t have a coated tongue, waxy ears, ridged fingernails, twitch eye muscle, restless legs…etc!  So many health conditions could be prevented if we understood our own body talk


Coach Trip  to Canterbury 2023

we went to Canterbury and everyone appears to have had a great time, next year it has been suggested we go to St. Albans. If this is ok’d by the members I will look into booking when the market is on and finding out if there is a way to hire mobility scooters. watch this space …………

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